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Deep Healing

Community, Growth, Integration
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What makes you come alive? Do you experience that on a daily basis? Weekly? Monthly? Have you already experienced healing, but find yourself hitting roadblocks to take it to that next level. Welcome, you're in the right place. 


Life can be brutal and sadly, most of us are traveling this road alone. My desire is to offer a relationship to join with you side-by-side as your therapist and coach and help explore the inner places that don't experience confidence, clarity, curiosity on a regular basis. Hope is available and my passion is teaching you the tools to recover your heart and live fully, no longer held back by what has been burdening you for so long. 

You don't have to do life alone. I have developed this program over the last 15 years to not only come alongside you and offer the tools to do deep healing, but to find a community of likeminded people to both amplify your healing and provide lasting relationships. 

The Jorney

The Journey

The single most impactful way I have found helpful to healing is to consider your inner world as a collection of "parts." This is normal and healthy. The challenge is that these parts of you are usually the ones in the driver's seat.


"A part of me wants to exercise, a part of me wants that extra scoop of ice cream."

"A part of me wants deep healing, a part of me is finding it hard to hope."

"There are times when all of a sudden I feel really young, but a part of me knows that's not true." Etc.

It is natural to have this dance, but the HOPEFUL reality is that we can LEAD these parts of us from our TRUE SELF (us united with Christ) and offer them the healing they deserve. 

Hop on a call with me and I can answer your questions and walk you through how I can support you. Here is my INVITATION... 

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Invitation to Healing



Complimentary introduction Zoom meeting. How does this fit with your journey? What are your questions? No commitment required.



8 Week Group Intensive focused on the content of the IFS Parts work model. Gender specific, both informational and experiential. You will leave prepared for a Level 2



This is where the magic happens: Healing with a community of likeminded kings or queens. Depth Work groups meet e/o week for 2 hours with video content & homework in between. Community is built between members with Slack & Marco Polo communication on the off weeks. Rolling 4 month commitments with encouragement for 8+. 



Campfires are groups for alumni to stay connected on slack/marco polo but also have monthly zoom group sessions to connect and deepen as a way to maintain the well earned growth. Thematic topics rotate and apply directly to life.


It's just my favorite thing when people have these 'ah ha's!' and start to truly believe it's possible to regain hope!

I am a son of the King, husband, father, and psychotherapist/coach. Practicing parts work, specifically Internal Family Systems for around 15 years and heavily influenced / allied with the Wild at Heart team. I love what I do and am honored for the trust offered by those I work with.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California, Colorado, and Idaho and serve as a Life Coach anywhere else. Multiple IFS Level 2 trainings, multiple bootcamps, advanced bootcamps, BGS Intensives, WildSons Musters, and my local church.


I love my family, my community, nature, trail running, dirt bikes, hunting (mostly just armed hiking so far), crossfit, ice cream, and getting after deep healing.


Next Groups:

The next 8 week Foundations group will be starting June 27th

The next round of 2.0 Depth Work groups are starting at the end of August


Get Started

1) You can view a re-record of the Basecamp Meeting we had below with information on how to get started in the program

2) After watching, you can book a free 15 minute consultation if helpful

3) If you already know you're in, you can head to the signup page below and reserve your spot!

Ready for More Information / Or to Signup?

More Info

After watching the Basecamp replay, book a free 30 minute consultation to answer questions and help you discern next steps.

Get Signed up!
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