I enjoy working with a wide variety of clients who find themselves presented with a wide range of challenges. I welcome all clients.


That said, I find myself particularly effective working with clients struggling with Anxiety, Depression, the difficulties common to Men and the masculine journey, Adolescents and their families, Young Adults and transitions, attention & motivation, and relationship difficulties.




Anxiety can have a huge impact on life. It is often on the lookout for what may happen and predict the worse. Freedom from anxiety comes from listening to those anxious parts, building self-confidence and eventually challenging their beliefs in a safe way.



Most clients describe depression as a fog that takes the color out of the world. Things are less enjoyable, life seems to have less meaning. I help you heal those sad or irritable parts by helping hear their thinking and feeling patterns and develop new ways to find freedom from them.

Teens & Families


Teenage years are difficult for adolescents and their families. It is a natural time where our young people start to develop independence and experiment with their own choices and opinions. Often these lead to a sense of loss for parents and a continual conflict as teens and their families try to stay connected during these changes.

Young Adults & Transitions


Launching into the world can be intense. Many changes happening all at once mix with society – and/or yourself – expecting you to have it all figured out. When bumps happen, where can you turn? This often includes a loss of social network, financial stress, how to navigate young adulthood and boundaries with family members, and more.

Attention & Motivation


Not many of us are wired to sit still and listen/learn or work for long periods while sitting still. Some may have ADHD, others learning difficulties, others simply just need some tangible tools to help with Executive Functioning skills. Shame and blame doesn’t help. Tools to navigate your environment will.

Men & Relationship Difficulties


Men, you can find immense healing working with and navigating your truth with other men. Simultaneously, men are often hesitant to therapy. We can work together in a straightforward & honest way to move towards your goals.