The Dream: Giving Psychology Away

Throughout my 10+ years of being a therapist, I continue to be both inspired and haunted by a professor I had back at San Francisco State University in my Masters in Counseling program. "Give Psychology Away" was his challenge and what he felt was the only way that we even have a chance to help this world get through what he called a "mental health pandemic." He would often say that the supply for mental health services will never catch up with the need. Staggering when you think about it. What did he mean therefore about "giving psychology away?" 10 years in, here's my best guess so far....

Let me first start with why I used the term "haunted."

I blessed to have a private practice in Boulder, Colorado with both in-person and telehealth/phone clients. On a slammed week, I work to support 20-30 clients on their healing journey. It's the best job I've ever had and, when I remember why I do what I do, I leave feeling refreshed knowing that I have helped pour into clients who don't have as much inner freedom as they were created to have. Is there really anything better I can do on this earth than help bring deep healing? No. AND. there. is. so. much. suffering. in. this. world.

Will this world find healing if I can only impact 20-30 clients at at time? While I love my work and think that psychotherapy is so necessary, my gut tells me "no."

Which leads to why my professor's words left me inspired:

I just can't accept that idea that we will never catch up with the needs of this world. Can there really be a vehicle to "give psychology away" that will help bring healing to a as many people as possible and will still have the personal impact and support that psychotherapy offers to help people heal on a deep level? The challenge an inspiration here is that there has to be a way to do this.

We need people to believe that their heart is good and it's a worthy journey to seek inner freedom and healing. With inner freedom, people can then step up to the plate and offer love to others from what I call "overflow." The peace, empowerment, hope - and dare I say joy - that comes from receiving deep healing and self belief can't be contained. We will naturally be open to offering a helping hand to others. Ever heard the term "blessed to be a blessing?" My prayer is that hope grows like wildfire and we can be part of the healing for ourselves and those around us that we love.

Which leads me to starting this blog.

I want to give away as many tools to equip you as I possibly can.

We need more beacons of light. I hope to offer lighthearted ways to deliver hope and tools that people can use on their own. When I go to retreats or hear talks, sermons, etc. its often a phrase or two, mostly one main idea that really captures me and helps me chew on new ways of living, new ways of viewing the world and my role in it. How to be a better man, a better husband, better father, better friend, better therapist, you name it.

So here goes... my attempt to offer whoever finds their way to these pages new ideas, wisdom I have heard from mentors, snippets of what I hear myself saying to clients that seem to land, anything I can find that may be helpful - all without needing to be in my office.

Of the many sources of information out there, I pray that this blog finds exactly who it needs to find and that all the lessons I have learned through trial and error, both personal and professional, will help bring healing to more people than I could ever do on my own.