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I am Passionate about helping individuals, families, young adults, and adolescents regain a sense of empowerment and hope that their circumstances can be improved.


The Journey of Life is an Adventure

I am currently drawn to the metaphor of life as an adventure as I believe it provides clients as well as myself the possibility, challenge, and even excitement about the journey forward. Adventures are often difficult, but never impossible. I trust every client has the inherent strength and ability to make positive changes. I find I am most successful when I utilize my therapeutic training and experience as a “companion” along the trail, asking questions, challenging unhelpful patterns and offering suggestions and interventions specific to each client’s needs.


Therapy is a Mutual Learning Experience

I have been blessed by a diverse set of clients. My experience includes work at private practices, clinics, schools, after school programs, as well as therapeutic summer programs. My studies and my clients have helped build a strong belief that everyone can benefit from an impartial and supportive therapist to help us work through the challenges that life presents.​

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