We all need support at different times in our life and as each client is unique, your needs are unique as well. The types of therapy I offer are aimed at meeting you where you are and providing the most beneficial approach to address your concerns and goals. Below are some thoughts about the primary modalities I find most beneficial to clients.

Individual Therapy
Family Therapy
Couples Therapy
Group Therapy

In individual therapy, my focus is to meet you where you are in life with compassion and belief in your abilities. We work together to resolve the issues that bring you to counseling with the ability to go deeper into your specific circumstances than other modalities can offer. I first help you explore your goals and what you would like from the process, then explore your external and internal patterns, and ultimately guide you in building tangible “tools” to move through life with more passion, choice, and strength.

Family therapy can be a particularly difficult yet rewarding experience as my focus is to involve all members as part of the solution. This involves compassionately observing the patterns and styles of interaction of all members and helping make changes as needed. Family therapy can be one of the best ways to create lasting change and empower clients to handle not just the current issues, but future ones as well.

Couples often recognize that life doesn’t turn out to be like the fairytales or movies that captivate or inspire us. We often get to the point in relationships were we feel distant and disconnected from the person we were at one time head-over-heels for. Conflicts can also be particularly painful as the emotional stakes are generally high. I offer a supportive and honest perspective with couples in my practice, seeking to recognize patterns and the resulting messages that are sent. With this awareness I seek to help the couple develop the tools needed to de-escalate conflicts, re-connect on a deep level, and increase their core emotional attachment with each other. 

Groups offer a unique experience for us to grow in awareness and make changes with the support of members of our community. We are social beings and healing can be powerful when dealing with our own issues, learning how to lean on others for support, and be witness to and learn from other’s working through similar challenges. Group therapy is one of the most dynamic therapeutic processes as well as arguably one of the more longer-lasting as all of your growth is in a similar social context to your every-day life.